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Meet the Staff



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I am the treatment and financial coordinator.  I also schedule, bill and can answer any insurance questions you may have.  The favorite part of my job is interacting with patients and getting to know you and your family.  I like getting to know our patients as a face to a name…not just a person with an appointment.  I have been with Dr. Porter  since 2014. I enjoy working for Dr. Porter
because he spends one on one time with each patient and values their concerns and needs.

My husband’s name is Jeff and I have a step-daughter named Chloe.  We have two dogs, our yellow lab named Eli and a toy yorkie named Precious.  I like outdoor activities and anything that is crafty and helps me to stay organized.  I bungee jumped many years ago, but you won’t catch me doing that ever again!



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I am the first smiling face that you will see when you enter our office.  I answer the phones, schedule and confirm appointments, answer insurance questions and occasionally help out with dental assisting duties. I enjoy interacting with patients and coming to work everyday! Our office is a fun place to be! I have been with Dr. Porter since 2014.

My husband’s name is Robert and we have two dogs, Raven and Roxy.  I like all kinds of dance such as ballet and zumba and also like to kayak with my husband when the weather allows.





photo of staff memberAs one of Dr. Porters Registered Dental Assistants,  I assist during a variety of treatment procedures and help patients
feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment.  
I enjoy working with Dr. Porter because he truly cares for his patients, he is great at what he does, and is a well-respected dentist in the community. Our office is never boring. When you walk in, you feel like you’re with family!    I enjoy learning about new techniques and keeping up with technology as our practice grows.  I’ve been with Dr. Porter since 1999.

My husband’s name is Octavio and we have three children, Albert, Bella, and Ethan.  We have two dogs, a boxer named Honey and a  pit bull terrier named Nike. I enjoy going to the gym, the beach and helping out with our community church, St. Leo the Great.  I’ve always wanted to be a kickboxing instructor!



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As a Registered Dental Assistant I am Dr. Porters ‘second set of hands’ during dental procedures.  I joined our dental team in 2015.  I like answering questions that may be of concern for the patient and helping them to feel better before, during and after treatment.  I enjoy working for Dr. Porter because I get to learn something new every day, even if it doesn’t pertain to the dental field!  Dr. Porter always keeps us on our toes with his musical selection for the day. 

My husband’s name is Armando and we have a rescue dog named Moose.  I like to cook, bake, go to concerts, watch movies and bike ride when I can.  My original profession was welding!



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As a Registered Dental Hygienist, my duties are to monitor and maintain my patients’ periodontal health along with educating and encouraging proper oral health. It is rewarding to know that what I do can honestly make a difference in whether someone will keep their smile healthy and beautiful forever. I have been with Dr. Porter since 2002.  I am honored to have the opportunity to work in a practice in which I can make the most of my skills and continue my education in a lively and fun atmosphere.

My husband’s name is Luis and we have a calico cat named Phoebe.  When I am not working, you can usually find me cycling, running and competing in triathlons with my husband.  We love to scuba dive and travel.  I’ve also jumped out of a perfectly good                                                 airplane on purpose!



photo of staff memberI am a Registered Dental Hygienist and have been with Dr. Porter since 2012.  I enjoy working with Dr. Porter and our staff and and the ability to positively influence my patients’ overall health through oral hygiene education.  

I was raised here in South Texas and have four boys!  In my spare time I like to meet with friends, shop and play in a kickball league. We have 3 dogs named Coco, Chloe and Bentley. 







photo of staff memberRegistered Dental Hygienist 

I graduated from the UTHSC-SA in 2006 and shortly after joined Dr. Porter’s Dental Team for a year. Unfortunately, I had to move when I got married so I was thrilled when we moved back to San Antonio and was lucky enough to work again part time for my first boss!  

I have had the opportunity to work in different dental offices and I can honestly say that Dr. Porter is by far the best Dentist I have worked for. He is very talented, uses the latest technology available, but most importantly really cares & develops a relationship with each patient.  

One of the most important roles as a hygienist Is to be an oral health educator who provides preventative, educational and therapeutic services to improve not only the patient’s oral but overall health.

I like to keep my knowledge fully up-to-date so I can provide the best services to my patients and show them how to properly care for their smiles while offering a pleasant dental experience. I believe everyone deserves to have a great smile!

I am originally from a border town so Spanish is my 1st language. I am married to Luis and together have 2 kids & 1 more on the way! We also have Pebbles our faithful Pomeranian.  I like dancing, shopping & traveling. Who doesn’t, right?



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